A healthcare-tailored vendor management system vs. a standard VMS

Healthcare specific VMS features and how StaffBot compares to a standard VMS

Nov 1, 2022

Not all vendor management systems (VMS) are built the same. In fact, it’s these differences between VMS’s that are key. Of course there are fundamental qualities and features all VMS’s should exhibit, however how a VMS differs from others can be key in aligning with your organization’s objectives. 

Finding compatible technology solutions and features are dependent on industry, size, and overarching goals. Within the healthcare sector, finding top-tier talent quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively is a major challenge organizations face. Healthcare systems are financially strained and experiencing an ever increasing skills gap, expected to persist through 2030. 

Healthcare facilities are utilizing diverse workforce solutions to address an ever growing staffing crisis, with a popular solution being direct sourcing and internal staffing. Many facilities are turning to in-house staffing programs in order to meet their immediate and long-term staffing needs. In-house staffing and direct sourcing through the use of VMSs offer healthcare systems several competitive advantages including:

  • Mitigating and reducing costs
  • Autonomy throughout the recruitment cycle
  • Creating a pool of qualified talent to tap into
  • Recruiting, retaining and recapturing long-term staff
  • Improving healthcare system consistency and experience
  • Anticipating trends and averting shortages

This StaffBot blog curates 5 key VMS features healthcare organizations want to pay close attention to when it comes to researching and investing in a VMS for clinical needs. Learn how StaffBot stacks up to the competition and how these 5 key areas impact your healthcare staffing efforts.

StaffBot vs. a Standard VMS


StaffBot vs. a Standard vendor management system (VMS)

1. Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is at the core of any workforce program. Data gives valuable insight into all facets of any contingent workforce program and allows companies to identify areas of inefficiencies for greater growth and data-driven action. Ensure your chosen VMS has several reporting capabilities accessible to your organization. For example, StaffBot VMS allows users to access custom reports, real-time reports, and out-of-box standard reports.

Healthcare-specific use cases:

  • Take control of rogue spend by utilizing rate intelligence. Market rate features allow for visibility into actual rates of open job positions specific to healthcare occupations.
  • Track compliance data to understand who is working for you and who is compliant
  • Track organizational spending habits
  • Monitor health facility trends, demand, and seasonal fluctuations
  • Monitor labor usage within facilities, departments and units to better understand labor needs

2. Compliance

Organizations can often struggle with proper classification and compliance. Improper credentialing within a healthcare setting can jeopardize your brand, incur penalties, and threaten patient wellbeing. Ensuring qualified talent is a top priority for healthcare organizations. Ensure a VMS integrates with commonly used healthcare compliance software to seamlessly notify your organization on compliance documentation.

Healthcare-specific use cases:

  • Integrations with the American Heart Association to easily tracking AHA certifications (a qualification for the majority of healthcare professionals) 
  • Integrations with Nursys to track and monitor registered nurses’ licenses. 
  • Transparent insights into documentation and credentials of all employees
  • Automated notifications of upcoming expiring documents or currently expired documents

3. Customization Capabilities

Understand the customization capabilities of a VMS, as all VMSs vary greatly in their flexibility. Some VMSs come as a standard solution. This can be problematic as inflexible solutions may restrict workflow operations, or even worse, dictate how you must operate based on its limitations. Invest in solutions that are easily customizable and integrate to your current software to create a seamless workflow.

Healthcare-specific use cases:

  • Integrations with compliance tracking software such as Nursys and the AHA
  • Integrations with Kronos time management
  • Custom technology to scale along with business growth

4. User Experience

Integrating technology into daily workflows is a major commitment. Not only does your organization want functioning technology that tailors to your needs and goals, but it has to be user-friendly. Technology is the heart of any modern contingent workforce management program, it’s what drives day-to-day workflows and are the solutions your employees will be interacting with daily. A difficult user-interface runs the risk of low adoption rates, which can lead to a VMS falling short of expectation. 

Healthcare-specific use cases:

  • Intuitive layout to create and distribute job requisitions
  • Adheres to healthcare staffing standards
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Easy interface to navigate 

5. Recruitment Capabilities

Recruiting top-quality talent can be a time-consuming and costly process. Automating important touch points throughout the recruitment life cycle helps create an efficient, cost-effective process to source and recruit candidates. This in turn can create a strong workforce program that allows for profit and growth. 

Healthcare-specific use cases:

  • Virtual interview capabilities compatible with healthcare hiring staff’s schedules
  • Automated onboarding and offboarding
  • Automated sourcing, candidate-matching, shortlisting, and credentialing
  • Automated invoicing and time management

Strengthen your contingent workforce

StaffBot is an experienced healthcare VMS provider and workforce solutions consultant that optimizes healthcare contingent workforce management unique to each healthcare organization. We understand the challenges healthcare facilities face and the need for efficiency, quality, and cost- effective solutions.

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