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Nurse Shortage Statistics to Know Now

It’s no secret that nursing shortages are hurting healthcare organizations, employees, patient care, and public health. From decreased quality care to employee burnout, nursing shortages leave healthcare organizations vulnerable. Ongoing nurse understaffing has been a prominent challenge existing prior to the pandemic, and heightened with its onset. With seemingly ongoing nurse shortages, where do nursing trends stand currently? What are the implications of projected trends? 

In this infographic, we consider not only current nurse staffing statistics to know, but how projected trends impact your organization and how StaffBot can help!

Nurse Shortage Statistics and Trends to Know Infographic

How can we help?

With innovative solutions tailored to meet healthcare specific needs in times of shortages, StaffBot’s customizable solutions assist in hiring top-quality talent, quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We work alongside your organization, not only as a provider, but as a workforce solutions consultant to strategically implement effective solutions and achieve your objectives. With a great deal of experience within healthcare staffing and relationships with an extensive network of staffing brands, we’re here to help strategize your workforce management your way. 

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